Timothy Scott Palmer
Timothy Scott Palmer
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Timm was a beautiful soul.

Written with love by Rod Lathim and Lisa Weedn


Timm was a beautiful soul who lived an uncomplicated but passionate, personable, authentic and full life. He was deeply loved by his family, friends, and his life-partner Thomas Rollerson. Timm’s time on the planet was cut short at the young age of 35, but he left a rich legacy which has impacted countless lives.

Timm was born on April 21, 1959 in Holly, Michigan, and lived with his family of two brothers and a sister in Milford, Michigan. His loving sister Jenny Barr remembers him as ingenious and creative. “We were so close! We were rarely apart. Our punishment as kids was being separated from each other.” Timm went to Ferris State in Big Rapids, then moved to California in search of an environment where he could live authentically. He attended UCLA as a psychology major and joined the Crew.

It was at UCLA that he met Thomas Rollerson, his soul-mate and life partner. Jenny remembers, “Timm was the happiest and most comfortable when he was with Thomas. I have never seen two people love and care for each other as they did. Ironically they both shared the same birthday.”

The story of the genesis of Dream Foundation is one of greatness, created through adversity and an amazing example of what the power of love can manifest.



“If you are willing to take the time, you can find a common thread with every human being.” 

- Timothy Scott Palmer


Timm cared deeply about  advocacy of equal rights. With over 10,000 people behind him, Timothy led the march down the Wilshire corridor to the Westwood Blvd. intersection in Los Angeles, protesting the veto of a gay rights bill that would have outlawed job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.


Outraged by Gov. Pete Wilson’s veto of a gay rights bill that would have outlawed job descrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Timm constructed a banner the night before a protest march and unexpectedly found himself in the front of a sea of thousands who marched down Wilshire Blvd.


Life partners.

Thomas Rollerson and Timothy Scott Palmer were life partners for ten years. In Los Angeles and New York, Thomas worked in corporate marketing and sales and Timm in video production. They both decided to make a change in their life paths to “follow their hearts and not their wallets and give back to their community. They moved to Santa Barbara in 1989. Timm to pursue his dream to become a documentary film maker, and Thomas to advocate for accessiblity to the arts for people with disabilities.

Timm was inspired by volunteer firemen and women in small towns that risked their lives for their community. He began writing a script he would later title Unsung Heroes. Timm chose a Dalmatian, the fireman’s mascot, as the brand for his newly formed company: Dalmatian Productions.

Sadly, life changed dramatically after Timm was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

He would often say “I told you I was sick.” This was his way of bringing laughter to any situation, even the most tragic, and Timm’s was gallant in his fight, however there was no winning this ruthless battle. During his final days, Timm expressed a desire to see the films Gilbert Grape and Ms. Doubtfire. Timm was fragile, the physical challenges of getting him to the theatre were daunting, yet he and Thomas braved the journey.

It was a heartbreaking moment when they discovered Timm would not be allowed to enter the theatre with personal distilled water container, yet that moment became a personal turning point for Thomas and a catalyst for what would ultimately become Timm’s lasting legacy.

Determined not to fail the love of his life, Thomas called 20th Century Fox. His phone call landed on the compassionate ears of Angela Pierce and Tom Sherrak. Within hours, copies of the films were privately messengered to Timm. As an aspiring film maker, Timm was astonished that a major studio would make such an effort to grant his final wish. Thom remembers his awe, “They did this for me?”  Timm’s joy empowered him and eased his journey. From that one act of simple kindness, and the eternal bond of love and devotion between two men, the concept of Dream Foundation was born.

At Timm’s request, Thomas promised he would continue to help others in their final wishes, and he would do so in Timm’s name.  Thomas explained “I wanted all his hard work, his giving heart, and his wonderful life to stand for something. I founded the Dream Foundation to pay forward his love promising he would never be forgotten. The newsletter I started, entitled From the Heart, was as much of a love message to the community as it was to Timm. It continually reflected our mission.”

Thomas’ passion and vision swiftly attracted grass-roots support from his friends, family, neighbors, and eventually thousands of people across the nation. Thomas humbly credits the community for Dream Foundation’s success. His twenty years of vision, leadership and tireless tenacity built the organization into a nationally respected and loved organization that has fulfilled over 20,000 dreams nationwide and earned a Charity Navigator Four Star rating during his tenure.

After founding and dedicating 20 years to the Dream Foundation, Thomas resigned in 2014. He left the organization in the same strong fiscal manner he managed it: with consistently balanced budgets, exemplary event positive ratios, and a public space in downtown Santa Barbara identified for the purpose to build upon an already established endowment for the future of dreamers everywhere. 

Cover design for Timm's first script ,a film to honor the heroic lives of firemen and women

Cover design for Timm's first script ,a film to honor the heroic lives of firemen and women

Timm's first logo, designed to represent firehouses, and later used as logo for Dalmatian Dreams. Thomas knew how hard Timothy worked on his production company Dalmatian Productions, and after his death wanted his work to live on.

Timm's first logo, designed to represent firehouses, and later used as logo for Dalmatian Dreams. Thomas knew how hard Timothy worked on his production company Dalmatian Productions, and after his death wanted his work to live on.


The inspiration of Timm’s initial dream can now be seen in the works of many other adult wish granting organizations including Go Fund Me and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Associations Moments of Life.  This is a most significant sign of program validation and a legacy that would humble and bring great pride to Timm. Throughout his 20 years, Thomas would often say that Dream Foundation was not the first to make dreams come true. Hospice workers and end of life care providers who work on the front lines of caring had been doing this long before. Thomas just hoped to provide additional resources for this compassionate tool in care-giving.

In addition to supporting Dreams and Moments, please also consider supporting hospice in your community.


“During Thomas 20-year tenure, not one dream went unfulfilled. This combination of financial efficiency and community success made The Dream Foundation a model of excellence.  After 20 years of meeting its budget, renewed corporate partnerships, a vision and strategic plan for growth, and a planned public location to build upon an already established endowment, Thomas resigned leaving the organization in outstanding condition. Thomas made innumerable contributions to the organization over the past two decades and remains an inspiration to all involved.” 

— Priscilla Presley