In 2007, Santa Barbara photographer Susan Jorgensen published a hard-bound collection of images titled I Am A Hunter Too. One of her photo series titled The Last Picture captured images of friends of Susan’s who had died from complications of AIDS in the ‘90s. Each of the images began as a black and white image and was hand colored. Around each image Susan hand wrote a passage about the individual’s life. Susan and her partner Alice were neighbors and friends of Timm and Thom in Mission Canyon.

Susan photographed Timm and Thom on Timm’s last day on the planet. However, Timm’s image in the book is simply a black box. The copy below explains why, both in the words of Timm and Susan. This powerful testament to love and life speaks for itself.

“I don’t want to be one of your AIDS portraits.” I agreed and did take some tender photographs of him and his partner on his last day. I learned much about the nature of Love from these two men – “twin souls.” He knew this love to be his/their greatest achievement; his greatest worry was for “the other half of the soul that gets left behind.” I asked him where/what/if – well, about “the other side.” He was positive & hopeful; there’s something else. “Maybe we’re a speck and the soul goes on & that he’d be with his loved Mother and his Lover would come because although separate, they were one.” He was ready for the journey. Through the last day, hours & minutes, he embraced his passage with grace, dignity, humor & love. He promised to be hovering overhead.