Letter to Dreamers and Dream Makers.

“Dreams are what give us hope. Hope is what keeps us all moving forward, and unites us a human beings. Every person deserves to realize their dreams.” -- Thomas

Dear Dreamers,

In 2014 after almost 20 years of service, I resigned my role as President of the Dream Foundation. undoubtably the most difficult decision of my life, but I feel it’s essential to be true to what I’ve preached, not to compromise your personal or professional integrity, and always follow your heart.

The Dream Foundation would have never been possible without the extraordinary friends, colleagues, and the dreamers I worked with during those wonderful and life-changing years. Nor would the dreams have been possible without the man who inspired them all - Timothy Scott Palmer. Those were 20 beautiful years, for which I was, and remain, humbled and honored to have been entrusted and empowered with the dreamers' and donors' faith, and their support to serve the mission, and our extraordinary accomplishments. We were empowered by one motive, love. It was not fabricated, it was the foundation in which we all stood together. I am proud of the excellent history, and upon my resignation, the undeniable strength of the organizational for forward momentum.

I most especially treasured the precious time I spent with the dream families. I shared life stories in homes and in hospitals, in profound, humbling moments that I cherish and will always remember. Not a day goes by that I do not think of them. I deeply miss communicating with these families and that role of my work and life, above all. I was always my best at bedside, because all that was required was truth and love, and that’s what I was gifted in return. I no longer have access to the database at Dream Foundation, so the only way I can be in touch is if you contact me directly through this website.

I continue my dedication and commitment to quality end-of-life care as an advocate for Santa Barbara's Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care and Board Member of Gentiva Hospice Foundation and many more.  I am humbled and honored they find value in what I have to contribute, and invite my participation. From time to time I also have an opportunity to help make a dream come true for a friend or someone in need, and it feeds my soul as it always did.

I’ve always said what I began was not unique. Everyday hospice worker and caregivers make dreams and wishes come true for their patients worldwide.  I just hoped to be an extension of resources for those who work on the front line.

Since that humble beginning of Dream Foundaton in 1994, many more organizations and programs have also joined in organized efforts to make dreams come true, including National Hospice and Palliative Care and crowd-funding sites like Go Fund Me and YouCaring, that provides direct and fiscally efficient direct giving to help make dreams come true.

In addition to supporting all these programs, please support your local hospice.

I am forever humbled and honored for the time I was gifted to serve the former administration of Dream Foundation, and hope this site provides access for former Dream Families to reach out and connect. We are each apart of those we have loved, and you are thereby forever a part of me.

As I wrote in the first official letter and remains true today, always

From my heart,